There has been a lot of publicity in recent years highlighting the fact that we can’t rely on the food industry to ensure that we are eating what we think we are eating and that the food has been properly cared for and regulated with Americans best interests in mind.  All too quickly consumers assume that the food “must be what the label says”.

One third of all seafood we consume in America is mislabeled.  There are multiple studies that confirm this sad truth and many of the studies show it could be as much as 50 percent.

Traceability in the Seafood industry is really in its infant stages.  The technology is there, however there are many obstacles to overcome at all levels of the industry.  These problems can’t be fixed simply by the decision of a few consumers to “eat local”.  We need to rebuild the systems and behaviors of the global interconnected brokers, corporations and governments that touch your food before it hits your plate. 

At Hudson Valley Seafood, We Take This Issue Very Seriously.  

you can have confidence that our product is actually what we say it is and that The product’s origin is where we say it is.  

We are leading the charge for traceable seafood in the Hudson Valley and beyond.